Purcell: Dido & Aeneas

Simone Kermes (Dido)
Dimitris Tiliakos (Aeneas)
Deborah York (Belinda)
Oleg Ryabets (Sorceress)
Margarita Mezentseva, Sofia Fomina,
Yana Mamonova, Elena Kondratova,
Valeria Safonova & Alexandre Zverev
New Siberian Singers (chamber choir of the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera
& Ballet Theatre) MusicAeterna, Teodor Currentzis
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Alpha is now reissuing three recordings from its back catalogue, the first discs of the conductor Teodor Currentzis. An opportunity to discover or rediscover three very different styles, and three facets of the talent of ‘the enfant terrible of classical music’, as Le Figaro called him, for whom ‘music is intended to transport into the waking world the sentiments we feel when we dream’.

With their invitation to travel through different periods and territories, these reissues may be appreciated both separately and as a triptych revealing the artistic approach of Teodor Currentzis and his ensemble MusicAeterna, from Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas (here served by an exceptional cast of singers) to Shostakovich’s Symphony no.14 (conducted like a dance of death) by way of Mozart’s Requiem, the Salzburg composer’s last work, here given an invigorating reinterpretation.